What Injuries Can Be Treated at Urgent Care?

July 28, 2022

When you get hurt, you probably want to receive treatment as soon as possible. Accidents happen when you least expect them to, so you want medical care when it's convenient. Waiting for hours in the emergency room is not convenient, and it's often very costly. AFC Urgent Care Waltham is open seven days a week. This means we can provide weekend injury treatment when you need it.

What types of injuries are treatable at AFC Waltham? Continue reading to learn more about the types of injuries treated in an urgent care center and when you should visit an emergency room.


Fractures are one of the most common injuries treated at AFC Waltham. If you are experiencing physical pain, swelling, or bruising on any part of your body, you may have a fractured bone. If the injury is near a joint, there may also be restricted movement.

The board-certified medical providers at AFC Waltham can likely diagnose your injury just by looking at it. However, our digital x-ray will help provide an even more accurate diagnosis.


When the tissue that connects your bones to your joint becomes injured, that is considered a sprain. If you fall, twist your body in an unregular way, or have sudden force, your risk of a sprain goes up. Knees, ankles, wrists, and fingers are the most common place to get a sprain.

Pain, swelling, and restricted movement are all common with sprains. In some cases, you may feel the tear occur or hear a popping sound at the point of impact.

Lacerations and Stitches

Lacerations are commonly known as cuts, and some may require more than just a bandaid. If a cut is longer or deeper than normal, stitches may be required. If there is profuse bleeding and it cannot be controlled long enough to get the stitches in, it may be best to visit the emergency room.


Whiplash is a common occurrence in car accidents or sports injuries. It occurs when there is forceful or rapid movement from the neck. Pain and neck stiffness are the most common signs of whiplash, however, headaches can occur too.

Pain medication and possibly physical therapy are the best ways to treat whiplash.

When to Visit the ER

If your injury feels like an emergency, it likely is one. AFC Urgent Care Waltham does not have the capability for emergency medicine, such as CT scans or MRIs. If you're having difficulty breathing, have lost consciousness at all, have slurred speech, have a head injury, or have a severe cut, it may be best to visit the emergency room. 

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