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Injury Treatment

Injury Treatment at AFC Urgent Care Waltham

Treatment for Injuries in Waltham, MA

When you get hurt, it’s important to receive care for your injuries as quickly as possible. AFC Urgent Care Waltham provides high-quality treatment for injuries seven days a week. Our providers understand there is no convenient time to get hurt, and accidents can put us off our feet for extended periods of time. That is why we provide efficient and convenient injury treatment to all of our patients.

AFC Urgent Care Waltham can treat all minor and moderate injuries - from sports injuries to sprained ankles to accidental burns. Visit our urgent care center today to receive treatment for your injuries. You can simply walk-to or book an appointment online today.

Common Injuries Treated near Weston, MA

Are you wondering if your injury can be treated at urgent care? Any injury that is considered an emergency, or is severe, should be treated at the emergency room. Knowing the difference between an urgent injury and an emergent injury is an important factor in a quick recovery. If your injury is minor or moderate, and fits in the category below, urgent care is your best option.

Some of the common minor and moderate injuries we treat include:

  • ● Lacerations needing stitches
  • ● Dislocated joints
  • ● Sprained muscles or joints
  • ● Burns no larger 3 inches
  • ● Back pain, joint pain, body aches
  • ● Cuts, bruises, sprains

We treat a variety of injuries that go beyond this list. If you’re unsure whether or not we can treat your injury, call our center to find out.

Injury Treatment Available near Newton, MA

Knowing the cause of your injury is one of the first steps toward recovery. AFC Urgent Care Waltham is equipped with a state-of-the art digital x-rays to diagnose and treat injuries. Having digital x-rays on-site ensures your results are delivered quickly and accurately. An accurate diagnosis can impact the type of treatment you may receive. Our center provides both hard and soft casts to patients, as well as splints or stitches.

When you sustain a minor injury, the last thing you want is to wait long hours in an emergency room. AFC Urgent Care Waltham prioritizes efficient and comprehensive healthcare services to every patient.

Receive Injury Treatment at AFC Urgent Care Waltham

AFC Urgent Care Waltham is a high-quality resource for injury treatment. If you’re suffering from a dislocated joint, burn, or back pain, visit our clinic today to get on track toward a speedy recovery. Our clinic offers on-site diagnostic services to ensure you get prompt and appropriate treatment when you need it most. We partner with a range of health insurance providers and offer low-cost care for self-pay patients. For more information about injury treatment or other urgent care services we provide, please walk-in or call us to speak with one of our medical professionals at (781) 894-6900.

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AFC Urgent Care FAQs

  • Why choose AFC for Urgent Care?

    With state-of-the-art centers and a professional medical team, AFC provides on-site X-rays, labs, procedures, and more!

  • What's the difference between AFC Urgent Care and emergency room services?

    Urgent care is for medical conditions that require prompt attention but do not pose an immediate threat to your health or life. Here is a simple rule of thumb: if your medical issues(s) are life threatening, call 911, or go directly to a hospital emergency room. If not, an urgent care center such as AFC is an excellent alternative.

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