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COVID-19 Testing

Waltham COVID-19 Testing at AFC Urgent Care

AFC Urgent Care Waltham offers COVID-19 Rapid Virus and Antibody Testing for patients.

COVID-19 Rapid Molecular RNA Live Virus Test

Rapid Molecular RNA COVID-19 Testing allows our provider team to perform a nasal and swab test with highly accurate results for an active COVID infection. Patients can expect to get their test results back on the next day of their visit. Rapid molecular tests usually do not need to be repeated since they are the most accurate type of testing available. 

AFC Urgent Care Waltham providers can answer any other questions you have when you call our clinic directly. Patients that want to learn more about COVID-19 testing types can consult the CDC’s consumer updates related to test types, here

AFC Urgent Care now offers COVID-19 Rapid Virus & Antibody Testing!

As AFC Urgent Care continues to help our local communities combat the COVID-19 crisis, we are improving our access to urgent care and COVID-19 testing resources.That is why we are now offering rapid virus and antibody testing for our patients! 

Patients that get COVID-19 virus testing at AFC Urgent Care can get same-day results from our rapid testing kits! Drive-thru testing now provides results on the day of your visit through molecular testing. 

Antibody testing will be used in combination with the rapid point of care test RNA test described above in order to provide us with the best clinical picture possible regarding current or previous infection with COVID-19. 

Our urgent care center is here to assist our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic:

The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has led to mass closures of public community events, local institutions, and large-scale events. The need for affordable and accessible testing is crucial to ensure our neighbors are as healthy as possible during a global healthcare crisis such as this. 

AFC Urgent Care offers COVID-19 Testing for all of our patients through our of our six urgent care locations. If you have any questions about testing, insurance coverage, duration of services, or anything else, please consult our FAQs below. If you have specific questions please call our clinic directly. 

AFC Urgent Care COVID-19 Testing FAQs:

Are you offering testing for coronavirus (COVID-19)? 

-Yes, we are currently offering COVID19 testing through our third-party lab service. Patients will be evaluated by a provider who will determine if testing is recommended. 

What kind of COVID-19 virus test are you offering?

We will be using a rapid test for COVID-19 acute infection made by Abbott laboratories. This tests for the presence of COVID-19 RNA and can be resulted in as little as 5 minutes and requires only a gentle nasal swab specimen.  The technology used in this test has shown very high levels of accuracy with influenza testing.  Although we don’t know if this test can detect every case of COVID-19, we expect that it’s sensitivity will be similar to that of the influenza test.

Why would anyone do this?

Patients want to obtain rapid RNA COVID-19 testing to determine if they are acutely infected with COVID-19 and can spread it to others.  It also may help asymptomatic patients and pre-symptomatic patients (those that have only very mild symptoms) understand if they need to self-isolate per the CDC guidelines in order to prevent spread in their families and the community.

Many patients are interested in obtaining antibody testing.  The scientific community has much to learn about how accurate and meaningful antibody testing is. As social restrictions are lifted and over time, we hope these tests will provide patients, employers, and the community at large with valuable information on who is at highest risk for infection with COVID-19.

What is COVID-19 Antibody Testing?

Antibody tests do not detect antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 virus (which causes COVID-19 infection) until after a process called “seroconversion" occurs, approximately 2 weeks after infection. This test will be used in combination with the rapid point of care test RNA test described above in order to provide us with the best clinical picture possible regarding current or previous infection with COVID-19.  There are some limitations with the antibody test, including “cross-reactivity" with similar viruses or medications that may produce a false positive result, and failure to detect antibodies to the virus, which can produce a false negative.  Studies are not yet conclusive as to whether or not prior infection with COVID-19 confers meaningful or long-lasting immunity. There is still much research being performed on the significance of COVID-19 antibodies and on the accuracy of different tests.

Why will I need a rapid RNA test if I had symptoms of COVID-19 over two weeks ago?

It is possible that your symptoms attributed to COVID-19 infection a few weeks ago were due to infection with a common cold virus. Approximately 20-40% of all patients are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic.  A combination of the RNA and antibody test will help us determine whether or not you are actively infected now or were infected in the past.  Patients who test positive on the RNA test must self-isolate in order to avoid infecting other members of their family and community.

Coronavirus and COVID-19 Resources and FAQs:

CDC Updates

Follow the Centers of Disease and Control for important national updates about COVID-19:

WHO Updates

Stay up-to-date with the World Health Organization's surveillance on the global community and COVID-19:

Mass. Public Health Updates

Stay alert about county and state updates related to COVID-19 risks and outbreaks:

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AFC Urgent Care FAQs

  • Why does AFC provide two different COVID tests?

    We offer a rapid test because they provide highly reliable results on the spot; however, they do produce more false negatives than the RT-PCR COVID-19 Test. Doing both tests is our way of ensuring that you get the most accurate results possible without having to put your life on hold.

  • How long does it take to get a COVID test?

    We're able to get many patients in and out in a matter of minutes, but the length of time you'll spend in our clinic will depend on wait times that day.

  • How much does it cost to get a COVID test?

    That will ultimately depend on your insurance coverage. Presently, many people with insurance are able to get tested at no charge. If you’re uninsured, AFC’s cash pay prices are highly competitive – contact us for the details.

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