Should I Workout on My Period?

May 18, 2022

You may be wondering whether or not it is safe for your body to exercise or perform rigorous workout sessions while on your period. In most cases, being on your period may make you want to avoid all activities in general, including exercise. The truth is, there is no scientific reason to avoid working out on your period. It may even have some benefits to help alleviate your symptoms.

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Best Exercises on Your Period

For most women, the first few days of a period are the worst. Many can experience excruciatingly painful cramps, while others experience only mild discomfort. Most women tend to bleed heavily during the first few days of their period. This is why health experts recommend only gentle exercises and light movements during their period days. In fact, keeping rigorous workout sessions off the list of activities during the first few days is the best option.

These include:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Power-based activities
  • Strength training
  • Light cardio or walking

Benefits of Working Out on your Period

Menstruation can take an emotional, mental, and physical toll on a person each month. These days, the estrogen and progesterone levels are particularly low, making one feel less energetic and tired. A common misconception is to avoid exercising completely when the cycle starts. 

What’s truly beneficial is to swap the intense workout sessions for lighter exercises that will not tire one out but will rejuvenate and reenergize them instead.

From a hormonal viewpoint, opting for lighter exercises has the following benefits:

  • Combats period pains
  • Boosts the mood
  • Provides a surge of power and strength
  • Helps activate endorphins
  • Decreases symptoms of PMS

Exercises to Avoid

It is important to avoid certain exercising routines during your period. These include exercises that include volume and training for stress. In fact, during your period, it is important to consider how your body is feeling. If someone feels exhausted, they must avoid exercises that feel even moderately difficult to complete. It is also a good practice to avoid training for precision and skills these days.

Final Thoughts

Menstruation cycles are typically tough, both physically and mentally. It’s possible to feel more tired, moody, and uncomfortable than usual. To increase energy levels, ease mood swings, and activate the endorphins, try to opt for lighter exercises.

While it is important to refrain from intense exercise that can worsen period problems, lighter exercises, on the contrary, will make one feel better. From a health and mental standpoint, lighter exercises will decrease symptoms and pain.

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