How to Manage Heat Rash During the Summer

June 27, 2024

Leading up to the summer months, we cannot wait for the warmer weather and sunny days. With this drastic change in weather, our bodies sometimes have a hard time adjusting to the higher summer temperatures. For some, the summertime may bring some unwanted side effects. Heat rash is a common skin condition that typically happens in the summer months. Although it usually is nothing to worry about, it can certainly be unattractive to look at.

If you’re experiencing heat rash, AFC Urgent Care Burlington can help. Our clinic offers same-day care for a variety of conditions including heat rash. Heat rash can cause some concern, however, with the right management it often goes away over time and can be kept at bay with some simple lifestyle changes. For same-day treatment near Burlington, MA, walk into AFC Urgent Care Burlington.

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What Causes Heat Rash

Heat rash is a skin condition that occurs due to exposure to excessive heat. Our sweat can get stuck under the skin due to chaffing or excessive sweating which can result in a blister-like rash along the skin. The neck, stomach, and arms are the most common places for heat rash to occur, however, it can happen anywhere on the body. Excessive exercise or time spent outdoors in the sun can both lead to heat rash. However, sudden climate changes can also shock the body and lead to heat rash.

Is Heat Rash Contagious

Heat rash is caused by sweat blocking your pores. It is not caused by an infection, and it is not a contagious condition. Depending on the circumstances, other people around you may be experiencing heat rash at the same time as you. However heat rash is not contagious from person to person. Typically, heat rash will resolve on its own over time. Heat rash can sometimes be mistaken for poison ivy and vice versa. If you have a rash that is bothering you, seeking medical care for a diagnosis and treatment is the best way to ensure that you cannot spread your condition to others.

How to Get Rid of Heat Rash

Heat rash is a relatively common condition that will resolve on its own over time. However, if you continue to work out hard in hot weather and don’t allow your body a break from excessively hot weather, it can persist for weeks or even months in some cases. If you do have heat rash, it is important to avoid wearing tight clothing over the affected area. Similarly, avoid applying pore-clogging products such as heavy moisturizers. Avoid scratching the area, and opening up the rash can lead to an infection. Using aloe and ice on the affected area should reduce swelling and help resolve the issue.

Visit AFC Urgent Care Burlington for Rapid Same-Day Care in Burlington, MA

Heat rash is a common condition, however, skin rashes can indicate a variety of other conditions including allergies and poison ivy exposure. If you notice a rash and are unsure what is causing it, AFC Urgent Care Burlington can provide same-day rash diagnosis and treatment. Our medical providers are board-certified and experienced in identifying common skin conditions such as heat rash. Based on your diagnosis, your medical provider will provide a suitable treatment to help get rid of your rash. Our clinic accepts walk-in patients and maintains short wait times. Simply walk into the clinic when it’s convenient for you. We also offer affordable care and accept most medical insurance plans. Walk-in today!

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