Does a Dry Cough Need Medical Treatment?

March 7, 2024

Suffering from a persistent dry cough? The cause of coughing can be difficult to determine without medical diagnosis. This is because different illnesses can affect your lungs differently. Coughing can also be caused by environmental factors, which can cause irritation to your lungs and lead to coughing. Without proper medical diagnosis, it is difficult to determine what exactly is causing your cough. Keep reading to learn about the potential causes that may be contributing to your symptoms and when to seek medical care for a cough. AFC Urgent Care Burlington offers walk-in illness care for patients in Burlington, MA, and the surrounding communities. Simply walk into the clinic when it’s convenient for you, or schedule your visit online using the button below.

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Why Is My Cough Dry?

Having a dry cough can be painful and irritating. Coughing can occur due to a variety of different reasons. Coughing is a natural reflex in response to your body identifying an irritant in or around the lungs. The act of coughing forces the irritant out of the airway and prevents it from reaching the lungs. In some cases, viruses or bacteria are able to reach the lungs and cause an infection. If you’re experiencing a lingering cough that lasts more than a day, you likely have an infection.

Having a dry cough means that your cough is not producing mucus. Dry coughs can be caused by a wide variety of different factors. This includes various infections. Most commonly, dry coughs indicate a viral infection like a cold or the flu. Coughs can also occur due to other illness symptoms such as a sore throat or post-nasal drip causing irritation to the airway. In many cases, having a dry cough indicates that the cough will resolve on its own over time. However, it is always a good idea to seek medical care if you are experiencing a cough to ensure that you can the treatment that you need.

Is a Dry Cough Normal?

Yes, having a dry cough is a very common illness symptom. In fact, having a dry cough means that your illness is likely viral, which usually means the infection will clear on its own over time. Having a dry cough does not always mean that you’re sick, making it important to monitor your symptoms to see if they’re worsening or lingering for longer than a day. In many cases, you can feel the urge to cough due to an irritant. During the warmer months, environmental allergies can irritate your lungs and cause you to cough if you spend time outdoors. Meanwhile in the winter time, having post-nasal drip can irritate the back of your throat and cause you to cough.

When to Visit Urgent Care for a Dry Cough

Although having a dry cough is not usually a cause for concern, it is important to monitor your symptoms and ensure that they are not worsening over time. If your cough lingers longer than your other symptoms or continues to worsen, you should seek medical care for a proper diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, a dry cough caused by a mild illness can turn into a more serious infection like pneumonia or bronchitis. You should always seek medical care if your cough is painful or is accompanied by a fever. These symptoms could indicate the presence of a more serious infection.

Get Same-Day Illness Diagnosis & Treatment by Visiting AFC Urgent Care Burlington

Dry coughs are very common. However, it is important to monitor your symptoms to ensure that your cough isn’t worsening. If you’re suffering from a dry cough that just won’t go away or is continuing to worsen, AFC Urgent Care Burlington is here to help. Our walk-in clinic offers patients in Burlington, MA, and the surrounding communities with a convenient alternative to the emergency room for illness diagnosis and treatment. We never require that you schedule an appointment in advance to receive prompt medical care, simply walk into the clinic.

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Our team of dedicated medical providers are board-certified and available to provide you with comprehensive illness care 7 days a week from 8am-8pm. With a full laboratory on-site, AFC Urgent Care Burlington is a convenient way to get fast and reliable medical care for their symptoms without long wait times. We accept most major medical insurance plans and offer affordable care options. Walk in today. To learn more, contact the clinic directly by calling (781) 270-4700.

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