Why Now is the Time to Get Your Annual Flu Shot

November 7, 2016


Every year from August to March, it seems like you can’t go a day without seeing something about the flu.

“Get your flu shot today!”“When will flu season start?” … “Why this year’s strain of the flu shot is better.” … “When is the best time to get your flu shot?”…

With all this information circling around your head, how can you know which things to pay attention to? Well, we hope you’ll pay attention to this: Now is the time to get your annual flu shot! Here’s why:

The flu shot takes about two full weeks to take effect.

If you haven’t gotten your flu shot already, between Halloween and Thanksgiving is an ideal time to get immunized before flu season really heats up. That’s because when you get the flu shot, it takes about two full weeks for antibodies to form in your body that protect against the influenza virus. It is wise to get your flu shot before the peak of flu season, which typically occurs from December to January, and it is recommended that everyone six months of age and older get the vaccine each year.

No, we aren’t in peak flu season, but flu season has started.

The peak of flu season can vary from year to year. It is simply the time frame in which the most cases of influenza occur during the year. But make no mistake, just because it isn’t the peak of flu season yet, does not mean you won’t catch the flu. Seasonal outbreaks of the flu can begin as early as October, and gradually become more and more likely as flu season continues into the winter months. It is important to get your flu shot before influenza begins to spread in your community. Remember, it takes two weeks for the flu shot to take effect in your body, so the longer you wait, the bigger risk you have of catching the flu.

Getting your flu shot now will keep your loved ones safe.

Not only is it flu season, but it’s also the holiday season. That means you’ll probably be traveling to see family, going to parties, attending large dinners and countless other social events relating to the holiday season. Not to mention the colder weather keeps people inside together, which makes a great environment for spreading germs from person to person. If you go to a holiday get-together without being immunized against the flu, you are placing yourself at risk of contracting the virus. But an even bigger risk is that you could pass the flu to someone else without even knowing it, especially to infants and the elderly. For these groups, the flu is especially dangerous, and even deadly. By getting the flu shot now, you are ensuring that you won’t accidentally catch the flu and give it to someone else.

If you can’t get your flu shot during this time, however, don’t worry. There is no bad time to get your flu shot during the fall and winter months. But the longer you wait, the closer you’ll be to the peak of flu season and the more likely you are to be exposed to flu germs before you’ve been vaccinated. This can be a danger to your health, as well as the health of other people around you.


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