What Should You Do If You Are Hurt? Common Injuries and How to Handle Them

May 13, 2016

" Injuries can happen when you least expect them — and they can be disorienting and chaotic when they do occur. You may be in too much pain to help yourself, or it may be during a time when your primary care doctor’s office is closed. So how can you get help when you need it? And what can you do to treat the injury on your own? Find out what to do in the event ...

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Mom’s Health Tips: Which Ones Work, and Which Ones Don’t?

May 11, 2016

" Mother knows best when you’re growing up, but even the most informed and well-meaning mothers sometimes gave us advice that we later discovered wasn’t quite right. We here at AFC Urgent Care/ took a list of some of the most popular pieces of motherly health advice and evaluated them. Read on to find out which pieces passed muster, and which ones we can leave behind! Put hydrogen peroxide on that scrape! Verdict: Not ...

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