Can You Really Prevent Cancer?

February 25, 2020

" February is National Cancer Prevention Month and a time to help increase awareness nationwide about cancer, its causes and what we can do to prevent it. So, can you really prevent cancer?  The answer is………sometimes! Some cancer risk factors cannot be controlled, such as age, sex, race or ethnicity, family history and inherited genetic characteristics. However, only about 5 to 10 percent of cancers are caused by these inherited genes. The rest can often ...

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What to Do if You’re Sick With the Flu

February 11, 2020

" As you may have heard from local news reports, the coronavirus has made its way from mainland China into the U.S from infected travelers. The concerning news of advanced illnesses, deaths, and outbreaks in other parts of the world continue to raise caution within the states as well. However, patients need to take some time to learn the basic facts, avoid misinformation, and effectively determine if they are at risk for the virus.  What ...

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