Rapid Testing Benefits for Patients this Fall 2020 Season

October 28, 2020

" COVID-19 testing is going to be a crucial healthcare service as patients continue to go to work , school, and normal activities during a potential second wave of the virus. Businesses and communities need more efficient and faster safeguards to thoroughly evaluate infection risks and stay safe. The good news for nearby Edgewater, MD patients is that Rapid COVID-19 testing is now available at AFC Urgent Care Edgewater. Rapid testing can return results much faster than ...

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Influenza and Seasonal Illness Treatment Preparation for 2020

October 27, 2020

" The fall 2020 season is going to be particularly tough for families and their children. The current COVID-19 pandemic in conjunction with seasonal illnesses and the annual influenza spike during autumn. Under normal circumstances, patients can get a flu shot on the same day as their urgent care visit.  Patients near Edgewater,MD and surrounding neighborhoods are likely to be susceptible to both the flu and COVID-19 this year as more and more cases continue ...

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