Tips for Proper Snow Shoveling

January 17, 2017


Shoveling snow is like a full body workout.  You’re exercising your arms, back, core, and legs.  Shoveling requires a lot of bending, twisting, and lifting.  Before you begin your workout, you usually stretch to prevent muscle injury, right?  The same applies with shoveling.

The next time snow hits the ground and you bring out your shovel, keep these few tips in mind to prevent you from hurting yourself this winter season.

  • Get your body moving – Take a brisk walk or march in place to get your blood flowing and warm up your body. Make sure you stretch out your lower back and hamstrings before you start shoveling.
  • Use proper lifting techniques – Push don’t lift. If you must lift, use your leg muscles instead of lifting from your mid-section and avoid tossing the snow over your head.
  • Invest in a new shovel or snow blower –Make sure that your shovel has a lightweight blade, a curved handle, and is adjustable according to your height. If you are lucky enough to have a snow blower, your risk for potential back injury from snow removal is greatly reduced.
  • Wear the proper attire – Make sure you’re wearing slip-resistant shoes and dress in layers. Wear clothes that you can peel off – remember shoveling is hard work.
  • Don’t do it all at once – Shovel in small amounts and take frequent breaks if you find yourself short of breath. Make sure you stay hydrated as well.

If you experienced a non-life threatening injury while shoveling, AFC Urgent Care Edgewater can help. We offer fast and affordable treatment for cuts, fractures and more on a walk-in basis.  For more information on the services we provide, call to speak with one of our medical professionals at 410.956.3394


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