The Health Benefits of Love

August 18, 2015


They don’t call it that crazy little thing called love for no reason. Being in love releases tons of chemicals that can do crazy things to your body. No need to worry, though, all the little things love does to you can have a major positive impact on your physical well-being. Here are a few reasons why your health benefits from the effects of love!

Physical fitness: It comes as no surprise that being in love can have an effect on your physical activity levels. But it may surprise you that we aren’t just talking about activity in the bedroom. Not only can a 30 minute make-out session burn upward of 200 calories, but being in love can motivate you to be your best self for your partner. That means you are probably hitting the gym a little more and maybe even encouraging healthy habits in your loved one.

Weight loss: Yes, we’ve heard the stories of relationship weight gain. People in happy, long term relationships sometimes do pack on a few extra pounds in their state of bliss. But this isn’t always the case. According to Self magazine, people in love produce more adrenaline, which can work to suppress your appetite. No, it won’t replace your need for daily exercise, but it might curb those after dinner snack cravings.

Mental health: Studies have shown that being in a loving relationship can do wonderful things for your mental health. When you’re in love, your brain releases more of a chemical called dopamine, which is what makes us feel happy. People in love tend to show less instances of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

Longer life: That’s right. People in healthy, loving relationships have been shown to live longer on average. And, no, it’s not magic. Love does all kinds of healthy things to your body, resulting in an overall longer lifespan. And people in loving relationships tend to treat their bodies better, too, with less instances of unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking heavily.

Lower stress: Physical contact with your loved one releases a chemical in your body called oxytocin, which can lower the levels of stress hormones in your body. Lower stress means lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system and even a higher rate of healing. These things can have all kinds of great effects on your body, like lowering the risks for cancer, heart disease and even just the common cold. Can we get that hug now?

Clearer, more youthful-looking skin: You aren’t just imagining that glow you get when you spend time with your loved one. Remember how being in love does wonders for your stress levels? Stress has been shown to cause acne, so less stress means less breakouts. Additionally, all that physical activity can increase blood flow to the skin, giving you a natural glow.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and fall (or stay) in love! Your body will thank you.


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