Signs Your Child May Have a Contagious Illness

March 14, 2024

Sickness symptoms can make it difficult to go about your daily activities. For young children, their immune systems are less fortified than adults which makes them more susceptible to experiencing severe illness symptoms. Illnesses tend to spread like wildfire in settings like daycares and schools because young children are not as well versed in basic hygiene skills. However, we can also pass our illnesses to our children if we are not careful. Identifying illness symptoms in children early is the key to treating it effectively and not allowing your child to spread their illness to others.

If you think your child may be presenting with the symptoms of an illness, early action can prevent their symptoms from worsening and spreading to others. AFC Urgent Care Edgewater offers rapid illness care for the whole family. We never require that you schedule an appointment in advance, simply walk into the clinic when it is convenient for you or schedule your appointment online using the button below.

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Common Illnesses That Affect Children

It can be difficult to catch illness symptoms in children early. They cannot communicate their needs the way that adults can. Identifying illness symptoms early is the key to treating them before they become severe. As a parent, knowing what to look for can make spotting illness symptoms easier.

Common contagious illnesses that affect children include:

  • Colds
  • The flu
  • Norovirus
  • Pink eye
  • Hand, foot, mouth disease

How to Know if Your Child is Contagious

Many common mild illnesses are contagious from person to person. The way that illnesses spread may vary depending on what causes the infection to occur. For example, the common cold is caused by a virus which can spread through direct contact with the infected person, by touching the same surface as an infected person and through the air. However, pink eye is a bacterial infection and you have to touch the infected person and then touch your face to get the infection.

Generally speaking, you can assume that your child is contagious if they are coughing. Coughs can be caused by a variety of factors but in many cases are caused by a viral infection. Similarly, if your child is congested, you should assume that they are contagious. If you notice a change in behavior, such as extreme fatigue or loss of appetite, those are also early signs of an illness and should be treated as such.

When to Seek Medical Treatment for Illness Symptoms in Children

It is always better to be overly cautious and seek medical diagnosis if you notice any changes in behavior or potential illness symptoms so that your child doesn’t accidentally spread their illness to others. In school and daycare settings, illnesses tend to spread very quickly between children. However, identifying illness symptoms early and keeping your child home when they’re sick can help prevent the spread of illness.

Children are still developing their immune systems as they grow. As a result, even mild illnesses such as a cold can cause severe symptoms for young children. If you notice that your child is showing early signs of an illness, you should always seek medical treatment. Even if their illness is mild, it is important to confirm whether their illness is contagious. Your medical provider will be able to advise on the best medication and treatment methods for your child based on their symptoms.

Get Same-Day Pediatric Illness Care by Walking Into AFC Urgent Care Edgewater

If your child is sick, it can be difficult to spot the symptoms early. Children are very at risk for developing severe illness symptoms and spreading their illness to other children. If your child is showing a change in behavior, you should always seek medical care to confirm whether they’re sick. At AFC Urgent Care Edgewater, our walk-in clinic offers same-day illness care for the whole family. Simply walk into the clinic or schedule an appointment online today.

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At AFC Urgent Care Edgewater, we offer comprehensive urgent care services without long wait times so that you can get the care that you need when you need it. Our medical providers are board-certified and able to diagnose and treat a variety of common illnesses in children. Illness symptoms can appear suddenly and unexpectedly. If your child is showing any early signs of being sick, walk into AFC Urgent Care Edgewater today. We accept most medical insurance plans and offer affordable care.

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