March is National Nutrition Month

March 15, 2017


Each year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recognizes March as National Nutrition Month. This celebrates the health benefits of maintaining a consistent and healthy diet, while educating Americans about the potential risks of eating unhealthy foods and following bad diets. National Nutrition Month also aims to spread awareness about the overall emotional and physical benefits of working out regularly and living an active lifestyle.

Unfortunately, by this point, many of us have stopped following our New Years resolutions. Therefore, by having National Nutrition Month at this point of the year helps serve as a new start. If you’ve managed to persevere until now, let National Nutrition Month provide you with that extra boost of motivation to keep going with your New Years resolution.

Here are 4 ways for you to celebrate National Nutrition Month:

  1. Work Out Regularly: For parents and anyone who works 5 days a week or more, finding the time to go to the gym can be difficult. Many of us also dread going to the gym, so in lieu of dragging yourself to an overcrowded gym, make exercise something you look forward to. Try boxing classes, yoga, pick-up basketball or hiking; it will help you cut down on your body fat while allowing your body to release endorphins, which help combat depression while providing you with a boost of energy!
  2. Hydrate Frequently: Drinking water is proven to help alleviate headaches, muscle soreness and cramps, while also helping speed up your metabolism. Although different studies will suggest varying recommended daily intake, try drinking one gallon of water each day.
  3. Improve Your Diet: Improving your diet doesn’t have to mean dramatically changing the foods you eat. Try starting with something simple, like cutting out frozen food. Then gradually work your way towards cooking for yourself on a nightly basis using ingredients found along the perimeter of the grocery store, which is where you will find fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and produce. Just try staying away from the aisles, which contains chemical-rich foods like soda and potato chips.
  4. Be Mindful of Your Eating Habits: Simply improving your diet is just one step, as you also need to improve your overall eating habits. This may entail cutting out eating late at night, overeating or undereating. Also, make sure you’re eating breakfast every morning, as this will actually help speed up your metabolism, as well as provide you with the energy you need to succeed at work or school.

For more nutritional advice, follow along with our blog or visit our center, as we’re open 7 days a week. Here at AFC Urgent Care Edgewater, our physicians can help test your cholesterol and blood pressure, as knowing your body is the first step in improving your diet and habits.

Call us at (410) 956-3394 for more information or simply walk into our center today. We’re located in Edgewater, MD – just minutes away from Annapolis. We look forward to helping you celebrate National Nutrition Month!


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