Is the Flu Shot for Me?

October 1, 2015


It is very common to hear someone say, “I don’t need a flu shot, I never get sick!” however; this should not be the reason why you do not get your seasonal flu vaccination. It is highly recommended by medical professionals that anyone 6 months and older should receive their annual flu shot.

The importance of getting vaccinated goes far beyond just protecting yourself from the virus. Special efforts should be made to vaccinate yourself because you are either at risk for complications from the flu or you might give the flu to someone who is at risk.

Here is a list of who are at risk in contracting the virus:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children younger than 5 years
  • The elderly
  • Those with chronic health issues such as asthma, blood disorders, diabetes, etc.

So if you find yourself asking if the flu shot is something that you should get, the answer is always yes. Be proactive; protect both yourself and the general population!

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