How To Treat Sinus Pain and Prevent It?

April 7, 2022

It’s that time of year again when colds, flus, allergies and sinus issues arise. Sinus issues actually may accompany all of these. While sinus issues occur for various reasons, they are very common. Regardless they are not only a painful nuisance, but they can be scary as well. With the coronavirus still spreading it is especially important to pay close attention to sinus issues. No matter because sinus problems occur there are ways to relieve the pain.


Sinus pain occurs around the nose, forehead and eyes. It feels like pressure and can be very painful. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses which run from the nose throughout the head. The sinuses are responsible for helping to keep the nose clear and when they become blocked which may cause a stuffy or runny nose as well.


Sinus headaches are especially painful and occur from the blockage or pressure of the sinuses. These may be affected by changing elevations or even touching the face or head. These headaches and other sinus related symptoms may keep patients from being able to focus or function at work, school, or play.


The symptoms of sinus issues, while bothersome, can be treated at home using a variety of methods. Try one or a combination of these methods to help clear and soothe the sinuses and relieve symptoms.

Saline solution

Use a saline solution multiple times a day by simply spraying it into your nostrils. This spray will help unclog the nose and soothe painful or inflamed nasal passages. Making your own saline spray is also an option, but you must use distilled or boiled water. Ask your doctor how to make your own or for recommendations for a good store-bought brand.


Using hot moist air can help clear out clogged sinus passages. Try taking a hot shower or steaming up a closed bathroom to get some relief and improve breathing when experiencing sinus issues. A humidifier can also be used or purchased to gain the same effect in any room.


There are many types and brands of sinus medicine available for purchase. Confirm what medicine is best for you with a healthcare professional or pharmacist. These include decongestants which help relieve clogged nasal passages and pain relievers to help manage sinus headache.

Call An Urgent Care

If pain or sinus issues persist after home treatments reach out to a local urgent care and book an appointment. Sinus issues and pain are a common problem that can be easily diagnosed and relieved by a healthcare professional.

And if you need sinus pain treatment right away make sure you visit AFC Urgent Care Edgewater at 3059 Solomons Island Rd in Edgewater, MD. We provide same-day urgent care through our walk-in clinic. No appointment is ever needed!

Patients may also check-in online in advance to plan an upcoming urgent care visit for sinus pain, sore throat, and more!

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