How to Help Your Kids with Seasonal Allergies

April 24, 2017


Seasonal allergies affect a lot of people in the springtime. As soon as the trees begin to bloom, many people are met with sniffling noses, watery eyes and endless coughing, among other symptoms. It can be hard to deal with your own allergies, but when your kids get allergies, it’s especially tough. Here are some tips from American Family Care to help your kids beat their seasonal allergies:


Keep it clean

If your child has allergy symptoms, it is important to ensure that they are staying clean, especially after spending time outside. When your child gets in from the outside, have them wash their hands, and make sure that they take a shower or bath each night to get the majority of pollens and grasses off of their body. When bathing, also make sure that they wash their hair every night because this will eliminate a lot of the allergens that nestle in their hair follicles.


Cool Down

If your child has itchy and watery eyes, a cold compress is a great trick to relieve their suffering. Have them relax and lie down with a cold compress over their eyes. This will relieve the strain and reduce itchiness. Also, try to keep your house cool with air conditioning instead of by opening windows. This will cut down on some of the outside allergens getting into your home.


Heat Up

While cooling down is important, heat can also play a vital role in reducing allergy symptoms. Encourage your kids to try to eat spicy foods to flush out their nasal passages and clear their sinuses. Also, encourage them to drink hot beverages like tea to soothe a sore throat or cough. Different types of heat can help the body fight off multiple allergy symptoms in different ways.


Allergy-proof your home

In order to keep your family happy and healthy during allergy season, your home needs to be free of allergens. To do this, you should dust and vacuum frequently. While this won’t completely eliminate all allergy symptoms, doing both of these things will remove a lot of the allergens from the surfaces and air in your home.


When dealing with allergies, there are a lot of specific conditions and behaviors that affect each person differently. The most important way you can help your kids is to speak with them about their symptoms. Determining the symptoms will help you to best determine what you need to do to help your child. If home remedies are not doing enough for your child, you should seek a doctor’s help. At AFC Urgent Care Edgewater, there are plenty of resources like allergy shots and general consultations to help you and your kids fight the various allergy issues that appear during the springtime.


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