Flu Shot and Flu Season Challenges of Fall 2020

September 16, 2020


Flu season is right around the corner as summer becomes fall and the “new normal” is slowly starting to settle in. The COVID-19 pandemic, seasonal flu risks, and the growing demand for medical care this year will make it more difficult to get a flu shot.

If you need to get your flu shot right away, then make sure you contact AFC Urgent Care Edgewater. We’ll provide you with updates on when, and how, to get your flu shot this year. 

Flu vaccines are the safest way to help patients protect themselves against the virus and prevent more serious symptoms from developing. Additionally, the vaccine helps several community members boost their immunity. If you still need help at when you should get your flu shot, as well as where to get it, then keep reading below: 

Flu shots are available at urgent care centers 

Urgent care centers are just one option that provide flu shots, but they tend to offer flu shots with affordable prices, easy patient access, and with high-quality healthcare professionals. 

A flu shot at a retail clinic for example may have additional pharmacy delays and trouble meeting the demand for seasonal illness treatment. An urgent care center, conversely, allows for many patients to provide care in a sanitary and socially-distanced medical environment. 

Walk-in clinic access is available as well as the ability to call ahead for a flu shot. If you need a flu shot today then visit AFC Urgent Care Edgewater! 

Ask your urgent care center when flu shots are coming 

Flu shots are advertised and immediately publicized as soon as urgent care centers have them available. But asking an urgent care center beforehand can help patients find a time that works for them to get vaccinated ASAP. 

Call your local urgent care center ahead in order to see when there is an availability for your flu shot and beat the lines before they form. 

Get your flu shot once it is available from urgent care

The best time to get a flu shot is once it is available during the flu season. The sooner you get the flu shot the more likely your immune system will be able to fight the latest influenza strain. 

Once flu shots are readily available make sure you get one right away. It can help reduce your symptoms and keep healthy during this challenging time. 


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