5-Minute Brain Exercises To Do At Your Desk

March 19, 2019


Through social media, television and in magazines, we constantly hear about the importance of physical activity for keeping our bodies fit and healthy. However, we don’t often hear about how important it is to keep our brain fit. According to Be Brain Fit, performing brain exercises regularly can increase memory, focus and concentration. It can also improve self-confidence, motivation and productivity while enhancing fluid intelligence, creativity and mental flexibility.

Brain exercises, referred to as “neurobics” are simple activities you can do throughout your day to keep your mind sharp. Below are examples of a few “neurobics” you can do in your office or at your desk during your workday!

  1. Doodle!

Doodling helps you maintain focus, remember more effectively, and improve attention. A study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology reported that subjects who were asked to do a doodling task while learning performed 29% better on a memory test than subjects who did not doodle while learning the material. Next time you are on a conference call, don’t feel guilty for doodling!

  1. Upside Down

Putting things upside down makes your brain work. Wear your watch upside down and check the time! This forces your brain to think outside of its comfort zone when you check the time. Try to put your calendar upside down or even try writing backwards!

  1. Physical Activity

Physical activity helps keep your mind fit too! Aerobic exercise helps maintain blood flow to the brain and increases chemicals that protect the brain. It also helps with the natural reduction in brain connections that occur with aging. While in your office, take a few minutes to get your heart pumping by doing jumping jacks! See if you can keep it up for 5 minutes!

Each of these activities takes no more than a few minutes to complete and have great long-term benefits. Change up your workday routine by adding in a few “neurobic” breaks!


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