What Lab Services Does AFC Urgent Care Chapman Highway Offer?

August 1, 2023

What Lab Services Does AFC Urgent Care Chapman Highway Offer?

Diagnosing conditions is kind of like an art form. There are many different mediums and avenues about going about it, and each one is personalized to each patient. Thankfully, we have many different diagnostic tools at our disposal to help us provide the most accurate diagnosis as possible for each of our patients.

One of the things that sets our center apart from others is that we have a full lab on site to help us! This allows us to run bloodwork and process a wide variety of diagnostic tests.

Read on as our AFC Urgent Care Chapman Highway team explains more about our lab services below.

What Blood Tests Can AFC Run?

Feeling sick is different for everyone, and sometimes symptoms can be tricky to diagnose without a deeper investigation. When you come see us, we will do a full evaluation and get your health history first before we take any tests.

One of the more common labs that we run is a complete blood count, or a CBC. This test measures and counts the blood cells in your body. This can give us a really good indication of what is going on based on your general counts of the different kinds of blood cells in your body.

Common Diagnoses From a CBC Test

  • Anemia
  • A variety of infections
  • Immune system disorders
  • Blood diseases

How Is Anemia Treated?

Anemia is one of the most common diagnoses after processing a patient’s CBC. In fact, it is actually the most common blood condition across the world! Anemia develops when your blood isn’t able to produce the right amount of red blood cells that it needs.

If you have a low red blood cell count, it leads to reduced oxygen levels in your body. This causes fatigue, lightheadedness, dizziness and a rapid heartbeat. If you are experiencing these symptoms, come see us for a quick CBC. Oftentimes, anemia treatment focuses on adding more iron-rich foods or a supplement to your diet.

Tips to Avoid Anemia

  • Eat iron-rich foods like lean meat, fish, eggs and dried beans.
  • Consume more folic acid from dark, leafy green vegetables.
  • Increase your vitamin D intake.
  • Take an iron supplement if prescribed.

Have you been feeling faint or lightheaded? Come see us for a CBC test at AFC Urgent Care Chapman Highway.

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