Do Some People Bruise Easier Than Others?

April 18, 2022

Do Some People Bruise Easier Than Others?- AFC Urgent Care

Some bruises are easy to trace back to their origins, while others pop up and you aren’t even sure how they got there. Unexplainable bruises are more common for some than they are for others, but why?

Our AFC Urgent Care Chapman Highway team shares some helpful answers below, so read on!

What Are Bruises?

Bruises are common, but you might not know what they actually are. Bruises often show up after experiencing trauma or bumps and bruises, and they’re a discoloration of the skin caused by leakage of blood from the small blood vessels into the tissue that surrounds them.

Small bruises and discolorations aren’t usually a cause for concern, and you can treat them quite easily, as we’ve listed below.

How to Treat Bruises

  • Cold compress. If bruising has caused pain and swelling, cold compress is step one. Remember to put a barrier, such as a towel or cloth, between the cold object and skin. Place the compress on your skin for up to 20 minutes at a time.
  • Elevation. If an arm or leg is involved, elevate the limb and apply a cold compress for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, or until the swelling is reduced.
  • Over-the-counter medication, such as acetaminophen.

Am I Bruising Too Easily?

This is a difficult question an answer, but if you’re not experiencing the symptoms that we’ve listed in the section below along with your bruises, you shouldn’t be concerned.

One common explanation to frequent bruises among adults could be medication that you’re taking. Some medications, such as aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen, can affect platelet function. Your platelets are key in proper clotting, which prevents bruising and bleeding.

Accompanying Bruising Symptoms That Are Cause for Concern

  • Bruises that seem out of proportion to the injury
  • Bruising that continues to grow over hours and days
  • Nosebleeds that persist for 15+ minutes despite consistent pressure held on the nose
  • Bleeding gums while brushing teeth
  • Blood in urine or bowel movements
  • Excessive bruising accompanied by paleness, fatigue, fever, irritability or pain in the bones

Have further bruise concerns? We’re here for you! Don’t hesitate to visit our AFC Urgent Care Chapman Highway team today.

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