Is Listening to Music Good for My Brain?

December 18, 2020

Absolutely! Many of us are aware of the power that good music has on our moods, but music is even more powerful than just being a mood booster. Our team at AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte highlights the many benefits that music has on overall health below. What Does Music Do to My Brain? According to a study done by The Burnett Honors College, music positively impacts brain function and human behavior by reducing stress ...

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Why Do I Have Acne Around My Nose and Mouth?

December 2, 2020

You might be struggling with what’s been commonly deemed as “maskne.” Maskne is basically just a clever way to refer to acne related to wearing a mask. Even though “maskne” is a cheeky word, it’s a real problem for many people this year. If you have been dealing with maskne and aren’t sure how to fight it, our team at AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte highlights its causes and its kryptonite below ...

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