How To Have A Safe And COVID-19 Free Holiday Season

December 2, 2021

AFC Urgent Care Worcester Answers How To Have A Safe And COVID-19 Free Holiday Season

Did everyone have a safe and COVID-19 free Thanksgiving this year? We hope so because December is filled with holidays and gatherings. We’re already in the thick of Hanukkah. 

Should you visit relatives or should you host a gathering this year? What about traveling for Christmas, Kwanzaa, or the New Year? These are questions many of us have because we still want to take precautions for our loved ones who are NOT vaccinated for COVID-19. Thankfully, we now have vaccines and Rapid testing for COVID-19. 

We know that expanding your circle of people during the COVID-19 pandemic increases your risk of exposure. With that being said, AFC Urgent Care Worcester created a guide/checklist for you to have a safe and COVID-19 free holiday season. 

Space Out The Gatherings And Events This Holiday Season.

Make a decision. Your decision is the first step on how to plan for your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year. Whether you are going to someone else's house or having people over, you need to consider your health and everyone else's. You want to space out these events or gatherings by the week, so you have enough time to monitor symptoms before going to your next event.

If you are going to host a gathering, you need to decide who and how many people you want to come to your gathering. If half of you are vaccinated and the other half isn't, consider having everyone get tested before coming to your gathering. You should also check in with everyone after the event so everyone is kept in the loop in case anyone was exposed or starting to feel sick. 

Check For Holiday Travel Restrictions

The CDC continues to update its guidelines for travel every day. All airports and airlines require masks in order to fly. But, where you intend on flying into may have rules or other restrictions pertaining to vaccination status and/or testing.

If you’re flying domestically, you don’t need proof of COVID-19 vaccination, but you do need to test negative for COVID-19 if you are unvaccinated. If you are FULLY vaccinated, you’re good to fly without delay.

If you’re planning on leaving the country for the holidays, it’s a good idea to check with The CDC for the country of destination. Most countries are still red zoned for high counts of COVID-19 cases, and now with the newest Omicron variant emerging, we have yet another hurdle to pass. The CDC recommends getting vaccinated for COVID-19 as your best safeguard, but to also avoid any travel delay or issues when entering another country. 

For more information on travel guidance, check with The CDC here.

COVID-19 Testing, Flu shots, And COVID-19 Vaccines Can Help You Have A Safe Holiday Season

Besides COVID-19 vaccines, you can expect COVID-19 tests and flu vaccines to be served with your Chanukah latkes or Christmas meal at the table this year. 

Getting Your Flu Shot and Covid-19 Vaccine is More Important than Ever

Getting a flu shot is also important because the flu season has just begun and ruling out the flu will help when diagnosing COVID-19. Seniors, pregnant women and high risk individuals can benefit if you get a flu vaccine because they are immunocompromised. 

That’s right! It’s not just about you! 

Help them by getting a flu shot so they have one less thing to worry about this Hanukkah,  Christmas, Kwanzaa, or New Year. 

In case you catch a cold or feel tired, you should know the differences between colds, flu, and COVID-19 to avoid confusion:

AFC Urgent Care Worcester Covers The Differences Between COVID-19, Flu And Colds

AFC Urgent Care Worcester Is Here To Help During The Holiday Season

AFC Urgent Care Worcester is open 7 days a week with NO appointment needed.

We hope that you take this time to prepare for the upcoming winter holidays. AFC Urgent Care Worcester offers COVID-19 rapid testing with results on the same day.

You can also get a flu shot to help combat the flu and keep others with weaker immune systems safe at our AFC Urgent Care center in Worcester, MA.

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