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Sports Injuries

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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Sport Injury Treatment in Worcester, MA

Back to school season also means back to sports season! Over 46 million children are enrolled in sports every year at school. We encourage parents to push their children into doing sports in school for the many benefits it can have on their child’s life! These benefits include healthy eating habits, physical exercise, and building friendships. However, children playing physical sports have a higher risk of getting an injury than those who don’t. We here at AFC Urgent Care Worcester treat a wide range of sports injuries, such as breaks, cuts, scraps, and bruises.

Broken Bones

A child might suffer a broken bone in a sports accident or just from the physical contact of the sports in general. Broken bones show symptoms of swelling, bruising, and any tenderness around the area. Putting weight on the break is impossible without pain, or being unable to extend knees or elbows are all signs the bone is broken.


A fracture is a break in the bone that is usually can look like a thin line. Fractured bones can feel like breaks, but the healing time is normally less. The types of fractures can include hairline, traverse, or oblique. The major differences have to do with where the fracture is located, however, our staff will be able to provide all of the information you may need.

Minor Breaks

Accidents happen all the time in sports. Contact sports such as basketball, football, or soccer have the potential of injury to smaller bones. Minor bone breaks can include:

  • Fingers
  • Toes
  • Wrists
  • Nose
  • Damage to shins

Bone Bruise

Bone bruises happen when there is damage to the bone, but it is not broken. This can occur on any bone in the body. Symptoms of bone bruises can include pain and tenderness, swelling, and discoloration of the skin.


X-rays will be taken for any potential bone injury. This will give you and our staff a better understanding of the injury, and how to help it heal. X-rays are the best option to find the root of the injury, while being as painless as possible.


Any cut that may need stitches can be brought to us here at AFC Urgent Care. Stitches help cuts heal properly while minimizing any potential scarring. You may need stitches if you have a deep cut that won’t stop bleeding, or any potential dirt or debris in the cut.

If you have any questions about sports injuries call us today, or visit our clinic, no appointment necessary.


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