What Are the Odds Of Contracting An STD or STI?

April 1, 2022

Couple in bed wondering what are their odds of contracting an STD or STI

What are the odds that you will contract an STD or STI in your lifetime? The odds are, if you’re sexually active you’re chances of getting one are high if you don’t take the right precautions. It’s normal to be scared of catching an STD, but, learning more about it during STD Awareness Month will help reduce the odds of getting one.

A sexually transmitted disease (STD) is an infectious illness that is transmitted through unprotected sexual activity. STIs are sexually transmitted infections. There is a lot of overlap between the two.  Many things factor into the likelihood of getting an STD or STI during any sexual encounter and if not detected and treated early on, can lead to health complications in the long run. 

In light of STD Awareness Month, AFC Urgent Care Worcester encourages everyone to get tested periodically. Here’s what you should know about STDs and testing information.

What Are The Risk Factors For Contracting An STD?

Maybe one night you drank a bit too much and had unprotected sex. Or perhaps you hooked up with someone who had a reputation for sleeping around without protection. The point is, if you’re sexually active, your risk goes up. It can depend on any of these risk factors: 

  • The type of sex (manual, anal, vaginal, or oral)

  • How many partners you have or are seeing at the same time

  • Whether you’re practicing safe sex

  • Whether your partner has an STD and severity of infection

  • If you have breaks or cuts in your skin that leave you susceptible to infection

  • Your overall health

Practice Safe Sex To Reduce The Odds Of Getting An STD

Condoms and/or dental dams are barrier methods that can dramatically decrease your chance of contracting an STD. Although they do offer a high level of protection, it doesn’t mean you can skip out on STD testing. There will always be a risk of contracting one, especially if you are a sexually adventurous individual. 

Get Tested For STDs or STIs To Reduce The Odds Of Spreading One

STDs don’t always show symptoms right away making it a huge reason to get tested to avoid spreading one to loved ones. Whether you have one partner, or multiple partners, we highly suggest getting tested periodically throughout the year. If you have a new partner, get tested. If you have more than one partner, get tested. STD awareness month is about removing the stigma around STD testing and discrimination. Testing helps reduce the spread and can help you start treatment to avoid any long term health complications.

AFC Urgent Care Worcester Offers CONFIDENTIAL STD Testing

Getting tested for STDs is easily one of the most important things you can do to protect your health. Luckily for you, many walk-in clinics like AFC Urgent Care Worcester provide a friendly atmosphere and offer low-cost and discreet STD testing.

At AFC Urgent Care Worcester, we provide a number of services to help lower your risk of contracting STDs by providing STD testing services, and treatment if you have tested positive. Testing could be a combination of urine testing, blood sample or oral swabs with results in a few days.

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