National Immunization Awareness Month: Don’t Forget To Update Them During Your Child’s Next Physical

August 14, 2023

Back to school physicals and immunization updates for kids, teens and college Freshmen at AFC Urgent Care Worcester

As we observe and prioritize "National Immunization Awareness Month," the back to school season becomes a crucial time to focus on your child's annual physical. This aligns perfectly with the goals of this important month, emphasizing the significance of immunizations in safeguarding your child's health as they embark on a new school year. AFC Urgent Care Worcester is dedicated to providing comprehensive care during back to school physicals, placing a strong emphasis on immunization awareness.

Children and adolescents need to build a medical history for two reasons:

  1. To monitor their growth and development
  2. To provide treatment in case of the unexpected

A medical record often contains information like weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, recent vaccines, asthma and any other health conditions. Getting a back to school physical can document all of this making it easier for them to get treatment if there were ever an issue.  Additionally, a medical history can review all vaccines and immunizations your child has received throughout the years. And if they missed one, then it’s time to update them during your child’s next physical.

Immunizations That Are Required From Ages 0-18

Depending on your child’s recommended vaccine schedule (ages 0-18), vaccines may be needed during their next physical. A vaccine helps build up your body’s natural immunity to a disease so that it can help prevent them from getting one and/or spreading the disease. Each child follows a recommended vaccination schedule from infancy to adolescence. Common vaccinations required for elementary to high school students include:

Even The College Kids Need Immunizations, Too!

Add these vaccinations to your college kid’s back to school list:

***Make sure to check with the particular school’s Health Services dept’ he/she is attending to find out their vaccination requirements; they are not always the same as grades k-12. Usually the requirements are listed on their website. 

Walk-in or Make An Appointment Online With AFC Urgent Care Worcester For Back To School Physicals And Immunizations

Let's embrace the spirit of National Immunization Awareness Month and promote a healthy school environment through immunization awareness at AFC Urgent Care Worcester. Get your child's physical on your August to-do list. If your primary care doc can’t see your child for months out, come see us instead! Seriously, don’t wait. We take walk-ins 7 days a week with no appointment needed. We also accept appointments so that you can cross “making an appointment” off your child’s back to school checklist We also now have an online payment system, providing you with the same ease as walking in or scheduling an appointment to pay your bill. With just a few clicks, you can conveniently and promptly settle your payment. 

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