Winter Storm Tips

January 19, 2024

Power outages caused by storms can leave individuals and families without electricity, water, or heat and can be devastating the longer the outage lasts. Below are some things we should all know as we face power outages like we have in the Portland area recently during recent storms.

1. Thermal Management: Thermal management is a fancy term that describes the things we use to maintain temperatures in their desired range. If a power outage happens during winter and your home loses heat, it’s imperative to prioritize thermal management. Wearing layered clothing, utilizing blankets, and congregating in well-insulated, smaller spaces are just a few possible strategies.
2. Caution with Alternative Heating Sources: Exercise caution when resorting to alternative heating sources such as portable heaters or stoves. Many heating sources, like propane heaters, are not safe to use indoors. Some of these are serious fire hazards and may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning as well.
3. Sustenance and Hydration: Many Northwesterners are used to stocking up for periods when supply chains can be disrupted (we remember empty store shelves during COVID). Having bottled water and canned food on hand is always a good idea. Also, remember that adequate hydration, even in colder temperatures, remains critical for our overall health.
4. First Aid and Medical Preparedness: Possession of a well-appointed first aid kit, encompassing essential medications and medical equipment, is indispensable. Contingency plans for electronic medical devices should be established, including the availability of power banks and alternative power sources - even spare batteries is a great idea.
5. Community Engagement: Foster communication with neighbors, friends, and family, with a particular focus on individuals more vulnerable to the exigencies of winter storms. Collaborative sharing of information, resources, and mutual support is a good thing and highly encouraged.
6. Awareness of Emergency Services: Acquaint oneself with local emergency services, including information on emergency shelters, medical assistance, and warming centers. Maintain a readily accessible list of contact numbers for expedient recourse in the event of urgent medical requirements.

Ultimately, the information above is intended to remind us of the significance of meticulous preparation and community in safeguarding the well-being of us all during winter storms and potential power outages. Prioritizing safety and health remains paramount during these circumstances. If you have been injured or hurt during this last winter storm, please book an appointment with AFC Urgent Care by calling us at (503) 305-6262 or book online on our website at Walk-ins are also welcome!

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