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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we provide seasonal flu vaccines at any of our clinics, on a walk in basis. We also provide a wide variety of travel vaccines and immunizations that meet individual travel needs. You can learn more on our Travel Medicine page.

Q: Do you treat allergies?

A: We provide treatments that can alleviate common allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, runny noses, etc.

Q: Do you treat STDs?

A: Yes, we do. And rest assured that we treat your medical information with a high degree of confidentiality and discretion.

Q: Do you treat all ages?

A: We treat adults and children ages 6 months or older.

We participate with most insurance carriers and accept over 70 different insurance plans. Click here to see the types of insurance we accept at AFC Urgent Care of Portland.

We encourage booking an appointment online on our home page. Or, you can walk in to any one of our clinics during our normal business hours and be seen by a physician. There may be a wait time if you have not booked an appointment. Most walk-in patients are seen by a doctor in less than an hour.

An office visit typically results from an injury, illness or other medical concern that prompts the patient to visit a physician. Office visits are generally addressing just one issue. However, primary care visits are medical check-ups that include a review of the patient’s medical history, a comprehensive physical examination and at our center, can only be accessed if the patient schedules an appointment first. For patient’s choosing to self-pay, an office visit will cost $149, while a primary care visit will $250, with follow-up appointments costing $149. This pricing does not include any additional lab testing that the physician may deem necessary.

This depends on your specific plan and benefits. After we bill your insurance for your visit, they will send both of us an explanation of benefits (EOB) which will show the payments they have made and the discounts they have provided for your visit. The amount that your insurance company pays depends on your specific plan, coverage and deductible. If there is a balance after the insurance payments then AFC Urgent Care will send you a bill for the balance amount owed.

There is no fee or credit card number required to secure an appointment time. Fees are based on the actual services you receive. If you do not have insurance, your complete payment is due at the time of the visit. If you have insurance, co-pay, co-insurance and deductible are due at the time of service.

For self-pay patients, a discount has already been applied with the rate you are being offered. Full payment is due at the time of service. For insured patients, your discount has been negotiated by your insurance company and will be applied when the insurance processes the claim for your visit. Your explanation of benefit (EOB) will reflect these discounts.

If you do not have insurance, our self-pay charge for a physician’s visit is $175. If the doctor sees the need for any additional treatment or procedure (e.g. an x-ray or lab test, an injection), she or he will discuss the situation and cost with you before any additional charge is incurred. For more detail, please refer to our self-pay prices page.

Click here to view our list of self-pay services and pricing. If you have insurance, we collect your co-pay or co-insurance at the time of service, and then bill your insurer for the visit. After your insurer processes the claims and sends an EOB (explanation of benefits) to us, AFC Urgent Care will bill you for any balance due after the insurance applies their discounts and makes payments per your benefit plan.

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