Does My Child Have an Ear Infection?

March 7, 2024

Dealing with ear infections in your little ones? You're far from being the only concerned parent out there. A staggering 83% of children experience ear infections before their third birthday.

At AFC Urgent Care Tigard, we specialize in pediatric care and are ready to assist you with ear infections or any other sickness your child might be facing. Schedule your visit with us today, or feel free to drop by our clinic any day of the week. Let's tackle these ear infections and ensure your child's happiness and health!

Signs Your Child Has an Ear Infection 

While ear pain is the most obvious indicator of an infection, it's not the only sign to watch for. Your child might express that their ear "feels funny," or they might complain of a sensation of fullness or pressure. The nature of pain can differ – ranging from persistent aching, throbbing sensations, to abrupt, sharp pains.

Common Symptoms of Ear Infections 

If your child is struggling with an ear infection, you may notice these symptoms persisting for a couple of days:

  • Pain within the ear
  • Fever
  • Discharge from the ear
  • Sensation of pressure in the ear
  • Hearing difficulties

What Causes Ear Infections?

You might be curious about what triggers these infections. Often, they're the work of viruses or bacteria taking hold in the middle ear. Children are particularly vulnerable due to their smaller eustachian tubes which can hinder fluid drainage. If they have been dealing with a sore throat or a cold, their smaller eustachian tubes may often hold onto that drainage in their ear, potentially leading to an ear infection.

Home Remedies for Ear Infections

Watching your child in discomfort can be challenging, but simple home remedies can greatly aid their recovery. Ensure they stay hydrated, get ample rest, and consider over-the-counter pain medication to provide relief. Should symptoms persist, our AFC Urgent Care team is at your service for expert guidance.

Is my child at risk of ear infections? 

Some children may be at a higher risk for ear infections. Take special note if your child is exposed to second-hand smoke, suffers from allergies, is under three years old, attends daycare, frequently uses pacifiers, or has a family history of ear infections – it’s wise to be attentive to their ear health.

Let AFC Urgent Care Tigard be your partner in your child's wellness journey. We'll tackle ear infections for patients 6 months and older, providing the compassionate care your little one deserves.

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