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Halloween Safety Tips for Teens

Ahh…Halloween. You have fond memories of this age-old custom. Weeks of costume planning, buying the perfect candy, decorating your house. However, with all the fun and frolic, this is no time to let your parent guard down. You want your kids to have fun but also be safe. What’s a modern parent to do? How do you keep your tween or teen safe on Halloween? Thankfully, there exist Halloween safety tips for teens and their nervous parents.

While Halloween is a special occasion, it’s no time to throw all of your parenting rules out the window. Things like paying attention to surroundings, keeping you within their sight and most of all, listening to your direction are critical to ensure a safe and happy Halloween experience that won’t end in tears or worse, trips to the ER.

How can I make sure my kids don’t get hit by a car?

Think scheduling a trip to the dentist after the entire bag of candy has been consumed is your worst nightmare? Think again. Did you know that more children are struck by cars on Halloween than any other night of the year? Not only that, but two-thirds (2/3) of all highway fatalities at Halloween are alcohol-related. Don’t even think about getting behind the wheel if you’re impaired. And that new teen driver? Take the keys away on Halloween.

Let’s face it – Halloween excitement begins to build the day after Labor Day as stores pummel you with sales on candy and costumes. So it’s only natural that the adrenalin is flowing for your tweens and teens on this ghostly night. All the rules you’ve painstakingly taught them about crossing the street are tossed out the window as they dart here and there to fill their bags.

Most motorists are cautious but hey, everyone’s human and we all make mistakes. You’ve got to be super-vigilant especially in neighborhoods that are crowded, have lots of two-way double-lined streets where speed limits tend to be higher than the safe one-way street on your cul-de-sac in New Britain. The hours between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm are the trickiest (no pun intended). Not only is this rush hour with stressed out parents trying to get home from work but it’s prime candy collecting time.

3  Halloween Safety Tips For Teens

  1. Choose face-painting over masks. Not only will your kid want to rip off the mask after five minutes ‘cuz it’s scratchy, they can’t see through the peepholes.
  2. Obey pedestrian traffic rules. Sidewalks are your friend, streets with two yellow lines and speed limits above 25 are off limits.
  3. Check the loot. Make sure your teen knows he/she cannot touch one M&M before Mom or Dad have a look-sey. Consider giving them a treat or two from your own stash if the chocolate urge gets out of hand along the way

What do I do with my teens on Halloween?

Nothing screams teenager more than a night out on the town on their own on Halloween. For many teens, this is the first time they can exert their independence and show mom and dad that they really have been listening to all the rules…or not!

But let’s face it, most people get a little unnerved seeing a six foot Freddy Kruger at their door who may very well clean them out of their Halloween goodies on one handful. A great alternative for your teens is to keep them under your roof and throw a tres-cool Halloween party. First, you’ll know exactly where they are at all times. Second, if you make the food, you can rest assured they are eating healthy. Lastly, your kid will remember the party long after the loot is gone.

Oh, and it goes without saying that if your teen of yours is a new driver they need to be kept off the road tonight. This is not the time for them to test out their newly-acquired skills.


For more safety tips check this post from the CDC website

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