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What We Know About COVID-19

Looking for current COVID-19 information? You’ve come to the right place. Read on for facts about this serious illness and the new COVID-19 vaccines.

According to the CDC, COVID-19 is a new respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. It is spread from person to person. Experts call this “community spread.” You can get the virus if you are around an infected person who sneezes, coughs, or talks. If you touch a surface that’s been touched by an infected person, you can get COVID-19 too.

Anyone of any age or health condition can get COVID-19. It is highly contagious and can spread rapidly no matter where you live. However, your risk of getting seriously ill or dying increases dramatically when you have certain medical conditions and/or are 65 and over.

Symptoms may include a cough, fever, chills, congestion, aches, and nausea. You might not be able to taste or smell. You can have mild symptoms, severe symptoms, or be asymptomatic and have no symptoms at all. Symptoms can show up in 2–14 days after exposure. If you believe you’ve been exposed to the virus, call about getting tested for COVID-19.

Stay home except to get medical attention. Isolate yourself from family and friends. Monitor your health. Seek immediate medical attention if you can’t breathe and/or have chest pain.

Protect Yourself. Protect Others

  • Wear a Mask.
    • Cover your nose and mouth.
  • Wash Your Hands.
    • Use soap and water for 20 seconds. 
    • Apply a hand sanitizer that contains 60% alcohol.
  • Keep Your Distance.
    • Keep two arm-lengths or 6 feet apart. 
  • Avoid crowds.
  • Get a Flu Shot
  • Get Tested.
  • Get a Covid Vaccine
  • Travel Informed.  
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