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4 Steps to Prevent the Spread of Flu in the Office

Every year, American businesses lose billions of dollars in sick days….and guess what one of the biggest culprit is: You guessed it, the flu. Experts also estimate that the economy will lose about $20 billion in productivity to workers who are influenced by the flu. Besides the flu shot, which we highly recommend getting, there are steps you can take to prevent the spread of  flu in the office and prevent your employees from joining the statistics.

4 Steps to to Prevent the Spread of Flu in the Office:

  •         Get the flu vaccine! This year AFC Urgent Care is offering the quadrivalent flu vaccine, which tackles 4 different strains of influenza. Now through the end of October          is the ideal time to get the vaccine
  • Make sure sick people stay home. It will allow them to properly recover and stop the spread of illness to colleagues. Losing one employee for one day will prevent losing many for weeks.
  • Employees should get the flu vaccination. It’s offered at all of our AFC Urgent Care locations.
  •  Build a “Fight the Office Flu Kits for the office. The kit should include sanitary supplies and disinfectants.

Many see the flu as a minor distraction or inconvenience, but to many, especially the elderly, the very young and those with weak immune systems, it can not only be annoying but it can be fatal as well.  Given the low cost of the flu vaccine, it makes sense to take preventive measures to protect your employees.

Come get a flu shot at our New Britain, West Hartford or Vernon AFC urgent care center where we have professionals available 7 days a week. We’re open 7 days a week, no appointment needed. Questions about the vaccine? Give us a call at 860-357-6899.

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