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4 Daily Tips for Better Emotional Health

Emotional health (or wellness) is an important part of your overall health. The National Institute of Health defines emotional wellness as the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times. It’s also been described as having both an awareness of your emotions and the ability to manage and express those feelings in an age-appropriate manner.

People who are emotionally healthy are usually able to monitor and adjust their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. They’re able to cope with life’s challenges and are able to bounce back more easily from setbacks. They feel good about themselves and have good relationships.

Those with good emotional health seem to find a healthy balance in their life between work, activity and leisure.  Consequently, we often find that if a person’s emotional health suffers, so does their physical health.  This is why emotional health is so important and should not be overlooked.  Here are some ways to improve your emotional health each day:

  1. Take care of your body.  Eating healthy, getting enough sleep and exercising are of vital importance to your emotional health, just as they are for your physical health.
  2. Work on your balance.  Creating a work-life balance is important for your emotional health, but it’s not always easy to achieve. Be intentional about carving out plenty of time for things you enjoy, for spending time with your family and time for yourself to unwind and recharge each day.
  3. Connect with others. Find ways to build healthy, strong relationships with family and friends.  Solitude is a welcome change at times but having connections with others can have great benefits both emotionally and physically.
  4. Tame your stress.  Stress is unfortunately part of our daily lives.  But you can practice better management of stress by learning relaxation methods such as deep breathing, yoga or meditation.  Try to maintain a positive attitude and accept that there are events that you cannot control.

As our nation continues to face the healthcare crisis of COVID-19, many people are dealing with the fear and anxiety that this pandemic has created. That is why it is now more important than ever to focus on your emotional health.

Being emotionally healthy doesn’t mean you are always happy.   It means you are aware of your emotions, whether they’re positive or negative, and you can deal with them. Emotionally healthy people still feel sadness, anger and stress.  But they know how to manage their negative feelings.  Also, they can tell when a problem is more than they can handle on their own and they know when to ask for help. If you are struggling, be sure to contact your healthcare provider or a licensed therapist and they can help you improve your emotional well-being.

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