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3 Tips for Managing Stress

Stress hormones are responsible for helping us “fight or flee” in a dangerous situation and are key to survival. However, too much stress can be detrimental, causing health issues such as digestive problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, weight gain and more. So, how do we handle stress? Below are a few ways to practice stress management from the American Heart Association:

Make a list

Make a list of everything that is important to do and cross it off once it’s finished. This will help you feel a sense of accomplishment as well as not feel buried in chores.


Physical activity is good for stress. You don’t have to go to a fitness class to get the benefits of movement. You can dance in your living room or walk around your neighborhood.


Getting adequate sleep can help with feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Seven to 9 hours of sleep each night is recommended.

There are many more ways to de-stress, you just have to find activities that work for you! Once you figure out the best way to de-stress, incorporate it regularly, and see how much better it can make you feel!

If you are feeling overly stressed and think it may be affecting your health you should consult with a physician. To find a clinic near you visit

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