What are the 3 Types of Asthma?

May 17, 2022

There are several types of asthma, however, there are three types that are more common than the rest. Asthma causes breathing problems due to airway inflammation and excessive mucus. It becomes increasingly difficult to breathe during asthma attacks, and the symptoms can become severe. Understanding the type of asthma you have can help avoid triggers and lessen the severity of attacks.

AFC Urgent Care Stoneham is here to help you understand your asthma and work through it. Our providers can help patients determine their triggers and the cause of their asthma and give recommendations to help prevent attacks. There is no cure for asthma, but it is possible to live with the illness. Visit our walk-in center for treatment today.


Symptoms of Asthma

An asthma attack occurs when symptoms become severe. They can occur suddenly and range from mild to life-threatening. It’s important to always be prepared for an asthma attack.

Some common symptoms include:

  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Breathlessness
  • Chest tightness
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness


Three Common Types of Asthma

There are several types of asthma, but there are three that are considered the most common:

  • Nocturnal asthma is the most common type of asthma. Symptoms are more prevalent at night. This can occur for a few reasons, including being in a reclined position, the cooling of the airways, or hormone cycles. Heartburn that occurs at night can also cause asthma symptoms.
  • Exercise-induced asthma occurs during physical exertion and can cause asthma triggers. Coughing and wheezing occur frequently as exercising tightens the airways and makes it difficult to catch your breath.
  • Seasonal asthma is the third more common type of asthma, and it occurs due to seasonal allergies. It’s important to know your triggers, which can include pollen, dust mites, or pet dander. Cold days in Winter can also trigger asthma and cause attacks.

Finally, two other types of asthma include occupational asthma, which occurs in carpenters, animal groomers, and hairdressers, and cough-variant asthma. This causes more wheezing than coughing, which can be caused by exercise.


Treatment Options for Asthma

Learning how to control your asthma in the long term is the key to preventing attacks. Learning what your triggers are and avoiding them is the most effective way.

More commonly, treatment options include inhalers and steroid tablets. Inhalers can help prevent symptoms from developing and can relieve them if they occur. Tablets can also be used if an inhaler alone isn’t working.

Breathing exercises can also help control asthma symptoms, but it’s recommended to use these in addition to other prescribed treatments.

In severe cases, injections and surgery can be used to prevent attacks. Injections are given every few weeks and can only be prescribed by an asthma specialist. With surgery, heat is used on the muscles in the throat to help prevent the airway from narrowing.

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