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STD Testing

STD Testing

STD Testing in Stoneham, MA

Sexually transmitted diseases can be a difficult subject for anyone, regardless of age, due to its sensitive and personal nature. Any time you are having sex with a new partner or multiple partners, you are putting yourself at risk for infection and disease. You should visit a doctor to be tested for STDs periodically in order to protect yourself and your partner, ideally whenever you are changing partners or at least twice per year. Many STDs and STIs can be treated with antibiotics, but can lead to serious complications and spreading if left untreated.

AFC Urgent Care Stoneham offers discreet STD testing and treatment during our regular walk-in hours, seven days a week. Test results can be processed in our lab and often given by the end of your visit. Some of the infections and diseases we can test for and treat include:

  • Chlamydia
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Herpes
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • Trichomoniasis

Discreet STD Testing & Treatment in Stoneham & Winchester, MA

If you are looking for peace of mind or have recently been exposed to an STD, visit AFC Urgent Care Stoneham for testing! Our center always accepts walk-in patients and you can always reserve your space in line by checking in on our website. Most major health insurances are accepted, with low-cost testing available for self-pay patients. For more information or any questions about our services, including a complete list of infections we test for, please call (781) 279-4900.

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AFC Urgent Care FAQs

  • What will my STD test consist of?

    That depends on what we’re ultimately testing for. Some tests include swabs of the genitals or mouth, while others require urine or blood tests.

  • What are the risks of leaving STDs untreated?

    There are many different STDs, so the risks will depend on the disease. Cancer, infertility, transmission to sexual partners, and harm to unborn babies are a few risks of leaving STDs untreated.

  • Which STDs can AFC test for?

    We’re able to test for some of the most common STDs including gonorrhea, genital warts and herpes, chlamydia, HPV, and more. Call your local clinic for a full rundown of the testing they can provide.

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