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Annual Wellness Physical

Take Full Advantage of Your Medicare Benefits

For Medicare users, the distinction between general physicals and wellness physicals is very important. In a general physical, physicians use patient input and what they can physically observe to determine what tests to perform to best assess a patient’s health. The problem with this method is that the tests are never clearly defined, and Medicare will not necessarily cover them. In a wellness physical, however, doctors follow a laid out plan of care, the entirety of which is covered under Medicare Part B benefits.

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What Does a Wellness Physical Include?

As the wellness physical follows a specific set up steps approved by Medicare, you can better anticipate what to expect during your appointment. As a “wellness” exam, the primary purpose of this physical is to prevent future medical issues by identifying risk factors and warning signs.

The Medicare-approved wellness physical includes:

  • A health risk assessment, including a review of your family medical history
  • Reviewing your current medications and medical providers
  • Routine measurements for height, weight, blood pressure, etc.
  • Assessing signs of memory loss or dementia
  • A personalized consultation with your physician

Health screenings and preventive care services based on your medical needs and risk factors.

Wellness physicals are covered once a year under Medicare Part B. You should not have to pay for the physical itself, but if any additional tests are taken Medicare may not cover them. Our board-certified physicians and staff will be happy to help you better understand your eligible benefits.