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How Much Do STD Tests Cost in 2023?

STD testing is not always part of your routine physical exam or gynecological checkup. So it’s important to know how much do STD tests cost. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the occurrence of STDs is on the rise.

Since 2015, incidences of chlamydia rose 20 percent, gonorrhea 50 percent, and syphilis rose 70 percent. Most staggeringly, congenital syphilis (babies born with syphilis) rose a whopping 279 percent.

Why Test for an STD?

While numbers are not yet available, it is expected that the COVID-19 pandemic has only made things worse by overburdening our healthcare system, coupled with people putting off routine medical care. STD testing should be considered a part of your routine healthcare. So how much do STD tests cost?

That depends on a few factors.

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How Much Do STD Tests Cost With Insurance?

According to Planned Parenthood, STD tests for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea are covered under the rules of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, you may need to meet certain age and gender requirements.

Risk factors and pregnancy are also considered when determining if your STD tests will be covered by insurance. So far, California is the only state to require at-home testing to be covered by insurance. Community health clinics may offer free or low-cost STD tests for those with qualifying incomes.

How Much Do STD Tests Cost Without Insurance?

There are many at-home STD testing services available online. After ordering an STD test from a website, you’ll typically wait several days to receive the test. After a finger prick sample, vaginal swab, or urine sample is provided and returned in the mail, results are made available in about five days.

If you wish to screen for multiple STDs at once, the tests can cost anywhere from $150 to $400. Once you receive your results, you’ll want to share them with your health care provider and decide on a course of treatment if necessary.

Can I Put Off Getting an STD Test?

The cost of STD tests can be intimidating. So can talking about STD symptoms with your healthcare provider. It’s important not to put off getting tested for STDs. Your health and the health of your sexual partners matters.

Tell your health care provider about any symptoms you’re experiencing, how many partners you’ve had, and what kind of protection you’re using so they can determine which tests are right for you.

Some STDs have no symptoms. Some others have symptoms that can come and go. Getting tested will protect you from the negative effects of an untreated STD. Left untreated, STDs can cause serious health issues and unintended consequences like:

  • Infecting partners: if you aren’t aware you have an STD, you may unwittingly pass it to your sexual partner.
  • Infecting newborns: Babies born with STDs can suffer lifelong brain and nerve problems, bone deformity, and blindness.
  • Cancer: Cervical cancer, liver cancer, and Kaposi’s sarcoma are among the cancers caused by STDs.
  • Infertility: If untreated, chlamydia and gonorrhea can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility.

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Getting Tested at an Urgent Care Center

Urgent care STD testing has many benefits. You can take care of your health immediately at a walk-in clinic. No appointments are necessary.

Urgent care centers have early morning and extended evening hours and are open seven days a week. At American Family Care, it’s easy to schedule an appointment online or by calling.

Find a Location

AFC is here to help you get tested for STDs discreetly, reliably, and quickly. Our on-site lab services require no appointment and are affordable. Find an urgent care near you today!

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