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5 Ways to Celebrate National Family Fun Month

Those school bells are starting to ring and before long, sports and other fall activities will fill the pages of our calendars. But before all the busyness kicks in, dedicate a few days this month to having family fun! Here is a list of activities to share with your family and make the most of these last days of summer:

  • Pack a picnic: It doesn’t have to be fancy. A scenic location, a local park or even your very own backyard. Plan your picnic together including the date, time and menu. Divvy up the responsibilities and let everyone help with the preparations. Then grab your blanket and basket and head outdoors to enjoy!
  • Take a hike: The majority of us spend most of our time indoors, so dust off those hiking boots and set off for a trek outdoors. Be sure to pack all the essentials and find a place off the beaten path to explore the nature and wildlife around you. Remember, it’s not just about the destination—it’s about the journey.
  • Make it a movie night: Whether it’s a movie on the sofa with popcorn or a backyard movie under the stars, family movie nights are always a fun way to bring the family together.
  • Cook family dinner together: Get everyone involved in creating the menu, making the grocery list, going shopping and then preparing the perfect meal. Let the kids use their imagination and decorate the dinner table with items from around the house. Go as simple or as elaborate as you like but be sure everyone has a part in creating a memorable culinary experience. Who knows, it might become a new monthly dinner tradition!
  • Go on an adventure: Head to an amusement park, visit a museum, pick fruit or vegetables at a local farm, go to the zoo, or for a really exciting adventure, go camping. The possibilities are endless, but whatever you do, the important thing is you are doing it together as a family.

Don’t let these late August days have you feeling blue. You still have time to enjoy plenty of activities with your family this month. So, go out and make some fun memories with those you love!

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