Tips for Protecting Your Skin During Winter

December 20, 2023

With winter upon us, the effects of the colder weather and increased time indoors can wreak havoc on your skin. Luckily, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can protect your skin from damage this winter. Learn about why winter weather is so damaging to your skin and how to protect it. Visit AFC Urgent Care Bedford for same-day health and wellness services.

Why Does Our Skin Dry Out During Winter

Winter weather tends to cause damage. It damages the roads with icy conditions, winter storms can damage houses and block roads. Winter weather also can have detrimental impacts on our health with colder weather leading to an abundance of symptoms like watery eyes, lung irritation, and even dry skin. Winter weather tends to be damaging to our bodies because it's incredibly dry. In the summer months, the air is filled with humidity which our bodies favor because our bodies prefer a moist environment to a dry one.

The lack of moisture in the air can occur when you are outside and exposed to windy and cold conditions. However, regular exposure to indoor heating also has a tendency to dry out the air which can cause irritation to your skin. In most cases, it is impossible to reduce the irritation that cold weather can cause to your skin. However, there are ways that you can supplement your skincare routine to increase moisture and help prevent your skin from feeling dry this winter.

How To Protect Your Skin From Drying Out This Winter

Dry skin can not only be an aesthetically displeasing condition, but it can also cause itching, irritation, and can be prone to infection if the skin peels off. Being aware of the drying affects of winter weather is a great first step to avoid dry skin this winter. However, there are some simple tips and tricks that you can use to supplement moisture in your everyday life to keep your skin well-hydrated all winter long.

  • Use a humidifier: Humidifiers artificially create moisture in the air which is great for promoting healthy skin. Adding a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep is a great way to moisturize your skin while you sleep.
  • Use healing ointments: Vaseline and Aquaphor both trap moisture in the skin and are especially great for protecting your lips, nose and ears from drying out throughout the day while you’re outside. They are mostly invisible and can be applied throughout the day and before bed as a moisturizing treatment.
  • Invest in a good night cream: During your sleep is a great way to catch up on hydration without worrying about how products will look or affect your makeup routine. Many brands make a nighttime moisturizer that you can use on particular dry areas around your face and body to ensure you wake up feeling hydrated.
  • Moisturize after you shower: Moisturizing after you shower will ensure that you are trapping moisture in your skin which will result in your skin staying hydrated for longer.
  • Cover up when you go outside: Wear appropriate layers that protect your skin from cold air as much as possible when you go outside. Direct contact with cold wind will certainly dry out your skin.

Visit AFC Urgent Care Bedford For Preventative Healthcare Services This Winter

At AFC Urgent Care Bedford, we offer a variety of preventative healthcare services in addition to our urgent illness and injury services. If you’re struggling with dry and irritated skin, your medical provider can help diagnose the cause of your irritation and help provide treatment recommendations. Simply walk into our clinic to get started, or schedule an appointment online.

We offer health and wellness services on a walk-in basis to patients in or around the Bedford, MA area starting at the age of 1. We never require an appointment to receive care at our clinic, simply walk in. We accept most medical insurance plans and offer low-cost treatment options. Visit AFC Urgent Care Bedford for all of your healthcare needs. For additional questions regarding our clinic, please reach out directly by calling 781-430-8161.

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