Signs You Have Strep Throat

June 27, 2024

During the summer months, having a sore throat is not uncommon. There are many different conditions that can lead to a sore throat. This can make it difficult to identify the cause of your symptoms. Allergies, weather changes, and illnesses all are prevalent causes of a sore throat that you may encounter during the summer. Keep reading to learn more about what causes a sore throat and signs that your sore throat requires medical treatment.

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Signs Your Sore Throat is Caused By Strep Throat

During the warmer months, illnesses tend to be less common. This is because we spend less time in enclosed spaces compared to the colder months. Regardless of this lifestyle change, it still is very possible to contract an illness like strep throat during the summer months. Sore throats can point to a variety of common conditions, including seasonal allergies. There are some telltale signs to help you determine whether your symptoms are caused by an illness or seasonal allergies.

If your symptoms are consistent or worsen over time, they likely are caused by an illness. Allergy symptoms have a tendency to fluctuate based on exposure to the allergen causing your symptoms. They will not worsen over a period of multiple days, but instead worsen when you’re being exposed to the allergen and then resolve when you’re no longer exposed. If your sore throat is accompanied by other symptoms such as a fever, congestion or a cough, it is likely being caused by an illness, not allergies.

Is Strep Throat Contagious

Strep throat is a very common bacterial infection. It is contagious and typically spreads through sharing food or drinks with someone who has strep throat. Strep throat symptoms typically appear within a few days of exposure to the bacteria and can last up to 10 days if left untreated. It is important to get tested if you think you could have strep throat because coughing can spread the illness by exposing others to saliva droplets carrying the bacteria.

Strep Throat Treatment in Bedford, MA

Strep throat can go away on its own over time. However, it is recommended by most medical providers that antibiotics be taken. Strep throat can cause intense pain along with other unpleasant symptoms. Antibiotics will help clear the infection within a few days which will ensure that you don’t spread your illness to others and help your symptoms reside quicker than if you were not to take any medication. Over-the-counter medications such as throat sprays and oral pain medications may help with any discomfort caused by strep throat during the healing process.

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During the warmer months, a sore throat may be overlooked as seasonal allergies. However, strep throat is an infection that can still spread throughout the summer and cause intense pain. If you have a sore throat, it is recommended that you seek medical care for a diagnosis of your symptoms. At AFC Urgent Care Bedford, our clinic accepts walk-in patients in Bedford, MA, and the surrounding communities for same-day illness symptom diagnosis and treatment. We accept most medical insurance plans and offer affordable care for patients paying out of pocket for their healthcare. Walk into the clinic today!

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