How to Avoid Spring Sports Injuries

April 17, 2024

During the busy spring sports season, you may just be getting back into the swing of being active after a long winter season off. Although you may think that you’re preparing your body properly for a busy season of playtime, injuries can happen unexpectedly. It is important to know the common injuries and what to do if you suffer from a sports injury so that you can avoid injuring yourself further.

If you’re in need of urgent injury treatment near Bedford, MA, AFC Urgent Care Bedford has got you covered! Our clinic is state-of-the-art and equipped with a digital X-ray suite on-site for rapid and accurate injury diagnosis. We never require that you schedule an appointment in advance, simply walk into the clinic.

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Common Spring Sports Injuries

If you’re planning on playing a sport this spring, understanding the risks is vital to keeping yourself injury-free. Proper warm-up, stretching, and physical conditioning can all help you prevent injury. However, sometimes injuries happen unexpectedly. If you do suffer an injury while playing a sport this spring, identifying the symptoms and knowing when to stop to prevent further injury is vital.

At AFC Urgent Care Bedford, our clinic is equipped to diagnose and treat a variety of common sports injuries. Whether you’re suffering from a recent injury, or have something that has been bothering you for a while - the dedicated staff at AFC Urgent Care Bedford is ready to help.

Common sports injuries we treat include:

  • Pulled muscles
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Dislocations
  • Falls
  • Sprains and strains
  • Scrapes and bruises
  • Cuts requiring lacerations

When to Visit Urgent Care for Injury Treatment

If you’ve suffered an injury while playing a sport, it is important that you seek medical care. The adrenalin from the accident may mask the pain and make it difficult to know how severe your injury actually is. Sports injuries can be difficult to self-diagnose, making it hard to know what the correct at-home treatment steps are.

Your injury requires immediate medical care if:

  • Any limbs are physically misshapen
  • You cannot move the affected area
  • You cannot bear any weight on the affected area
  • You have a laceration with debris in it
  • You have a dislocated joint

The walk-in clinic at AFC Urgent Care Bedford is equipped with a digital X-ray suite, allowing our medical providers to view your injury in detail for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. If your injury is life-threatening, you should always seek medical care at the emergency room.

At-Home Sports Injury Care Tips

If you have suffered a minor injury, taking the appropriate care steps at home is vital to ensuring that you do not further injure yourself. Injuries can be difficult to diagnose on your own, but if your injury is minor, you can try resting and allowing your body to heal on its own over time. The RICE method is a very effective injury treatment regimen that emphasizes letting your body rest so that it can heal itself. It stands for:





If your injury does not improve within a few days, or you cannot bear weight on the affected area, it is important to seek medical diagnosis at urgent care. Prompt diagnosis will ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to heal your injury fully, without the risk of reinjuring yourself.

Walk Into AFC Urgent Care Bedford for Rapid Sports Injury Care in Bedford, MA

If you’ve suffered a sudden injury from playing a sport or exercising, AFC Urgent Care Bedford has got you covered. Our team of dedicated medical providers is available 7 days a week to provide prompt injury care to patients of all ages. Our clinic is state of the art and equipped with a full digital X-ray suite, allowing our medical providers to view your injury in full detail for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Whether you’ve suffered a minor sprain, pulled muscle, fracture, or dislocated joint, AFC Urgent Care Bedford is prepared to offer you prompt medical care with short wait times. Simply walk into the clinic when it’s convenient for you. We accept most medical insurance plans and offer affordable care options for patients paying out of pocket for their care. Walk in today.

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