How Often Should I Get a Physical Exam?

February 28, 2023

It is required that every child under the age of eighteen receive an annual physical check-up in a registered facility. Unfortunately as one grows older, the demands and hardship of day to day life often leads to missed appointments with the doctor. Adults need to get their physicals checked as much as children, maybe even more. In this article we will discuss the benefits of getting a physical examination done, what it entails and how often you should get one done. For walk-in physical exams, visit AFC Urgent Care Bedford today.

Annual Physical Examination Guidelines

There are some factors that determine how frequently one needs to go for a physical exam. They include age, sex, disease and what medicine they are currently on. knowing all these factors, there are guidelines for adults to follow so they know how frequently to go for a physical examination.

1. Healthy adults below the age of 30, who have no disease risk factors and are not currently on any medication are advised to get their physicals done once every two to three years. Females who are sexually active however have to get a pap smear down once they reach the age of 21. The results gotten from the examination will determine how frequently the woman has to get her physicals done.

2. Healthy adults within the ages of 30 to 40, who aren't on any medication and have no disease risk factors should have their exams done at least once in two years. This age range is also when women are usually advised to have a mammogram done as a precautionary procedure.

3. Any adult over the age of 40 should have their physicals done at least once a year. Coincidentally, both men and women also start cancer screening at this age. A very common procedure done is a colonoscopy which helps detect colon cancer.

What A Physical Examination Entails

As the name implies, a physical examination takes into account the whole body system. It usually goes like this:

1. The physician will ask you some questions: In the first part of the examination the physician will ask questions about your past medical history, any medications you might be on and also when your last physical was. The physician will also ask you if you have any questions before continuing with the examination.

2. Your vitals will be checked: In the next part of the examination the physician in charge will take all your vitals to ensure everything is in order. The vitals checked include pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure and respiratory rate.

3. Your physical appearance will be evaluated: The physician will look at your skin and hair for any signs of malnutrition or illness. The doctor can also ask you to walk around so your gait can be assessed. This is the point where you can let your doctor know about any rapid weight loss you might have noticed.

4. Your organs will be reviewed: The physician will examine your organs using equipment such as a stethoscope. The stethoscope can be used to check the heart for irregular rhythms and murmurs. The lungs will also be listened to in order to ensure there's no fluid present.

Visit AFC Urgent Care Bedford for Your Physical

The physician examination can be a little time consuming especially if you're not the only person that has to see the doctor. While the examination can be time consuming and costly, it is a necessity. Visit the walk-in clinic at AFC Urgent Care Bedford today to have your physicals checked.

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