Ear Infections: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

May 3, 2023

Ear infections are quite common, especially in children. The symptoms of an ear infection can be painful and an ear infection can result in a loss of hearing if it’s not treated. Anytime you or your children start to experience the symptoms of an ear infection visit AFC Urgent Care Bedford right away to have one of our medical providers perform an ear exam.

For same-day ear infection treatment, visit the walk-in clinic at AFC Urgent Care Bedford. Our medical providers can examine your symptoms, diagnose your condition, and make the best recommendations for care. Simply walk into the clinic or schedule an appointment online today.  

Ear Infection Causes And Symptoms

Ear infections can be caused by viruses or bacteria. A doctor will need to examine your ears to determine which is causing your ear infection. Viral infections just take time to heal and will go away on their own but there are medications that can help manage the uncomfortable symptoms of an ear infection. The most common symptoms of an ear infection in children are:

  •  Rubbing or pulling their ear
  •  Fever
  •  Not reacting to certain sounds
  •  Frequently losing balance
  •  Headache
  •  Fussiness or restlessness
  •  Loss of appetite

In adults common symptoms of an ear infection are:

  •  Earache (either a sharp, sudden pain or a dull, continuous pain)
  •  A sharp stabbing pain with immediate warm drainage from the ear canal
  •  A feeling of fullness in the ear
  •  Nausea
  •  Muffled hearing
  •  Ear drainage

If the infection is bacterial antibiotics or other medications may be able to stop it quickly. Typically an ear infection begins when there is a blockage of the Eustachian tube in the ear. Eustachian tubes are the small tubes that run from the back of the throat to the ear. So things like post-nasal drip can cause ear infections. Other common causes of ear infections are:

  • Allergies
  • Colds
  • Sinus infections
  • Excess mucus
  • Smoking
  • Changes in air press

Using earplugs every night can also sometimes cause an ear infection. That’s because the earplugs prevent the flow of ear wax and can cause it to build up in the ear.

How To Prevent Ear Infections

It’s not always possible to prevent an ear infection, especially if your children are playing with other children that have an ear infection. But some things that can be done to prevent ear infections include:

  •  Washing your hands often, or washing your child’s hands often
  •  Avoid putting things in the ears, like cotton swabs
  •  Don’t use earwax removal items or kits unless recommended by a doctor
  •  Don’t use earplugs every night
  •  Keep your immune system strong by eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise and rest.

If you have questions about ear infections or you’re worried because your child is getting frequent ear infections make an appointment at Urgent Care. Our skilled doctors will be happy to answer your questions.

Getting Ear Infection Treatment At AFC Urgent Care Bedford

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of an ear infection or your child is showing symptoms, AFC Urgent Care Bedford is here for you every day. Our medical providers can diagnose and treat ear infections to help make the symptoms more manageable and less painful for you and your child. AFC Urgent Care Bedford is dedicated to making healthcare accessible to all patients in the area and surrounding communities– just walk right in! If you have any additional questions about our services, please contact us directly at 781-430-8161.

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