Is It Pink Eye or Allergies?

April 20, 2021

" We’re all familiar with symptoms of the common cold, but sometimes other conditions are to blame for itchy eyes and a scratchy throat. If your eyes have become especially watery and itchy, you may not be sure whether allergies or pink eye is causing your discomfort. Learn how to tell the difference between the two so that you can get the best treatment for rapid relief. An Introduction to Pink Eye Pink eye is ...

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Causes and Symptoms of a Persistent Cough

April 10, 2021

" We all cough from time to time, but chronic coughing that lasts longer than eight weeks may indicate a more serious underlying condition. Compared to short-lived coughs triggered by the common cold or allergies, persistent coughing is a sign that a more serious health issue needs to be addressed.  Causes of a Persistent Cough Some causes of a persistent cough are harmless and easy to treat, while others signify a more serious underlying issue. Either ...

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