Don’t Ignore Signs of Sun Poisoning

July 21, 2016

" We aren’t living in the 60s and 70s anymore, when it was common for women to lay out in the hot sun for hours each day in pursuit of the perfect tan. Fortunately, most people now understand that the sun’s UV rays can harm the skin and lead to unattractive skin conditions and even cancer. But what many people don’t realize is that there’s something worse than sunburn that can occur ...

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Summer Safety Kit for Kids

July 11, 2016

" For most kids, summertime is the season of no school, sprinklers, and ice cream cones. But parents know it’s also the season of sunburn, mosquitos, and broken bones. Putting together a summer safety kit can help prevent tears while keeping the fun going all the way through August. Safe Bug Spray There are many effective bug sprays out there, but they are laden with chemicals that are potentially even more dangerous than the bugs ...

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