You Need to Remember these Four Summer Health Hacks

June 21, 2016

" Unless you’ve recently moved to the Southern Hemisphere, it’s summertime! Hot, humid weather brings its own health concerns and challenges, in addition to more focus on fitness as you plan to lounge on the beach in your bathing suit. These fun ideas will help to keep you feeling your best and improving your overall health regardless of the reading on the thermometer. Opt for Coconut Oil Just because a recipe calls for vegetable ...

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Should the Summer Olympics Go On?

June 11, 2016

" Controversy continues to surround the 2016 Rio Olympics as athletes and experts weigh in as to whether or not “the show must go on.” At the center of the controversy is the outbreak of the Zika virus in South America. The scientific community’s understanding of Zika continues to evolve, but one thing is for sure: Zika has made a number of people very wary about the Rio games. The Case Against the Olympics Zika ...

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