The Most Recent Updates on the Zika Virus

May 25, 2016

" It’s nearly impossible to tune into the news without hearing the Zika virus mentioned at least once or twice. Since Zika officially spread into the Americas in February 2016, the public has become increasingly frantic about the implications of the Zika virus and its effects on our health. These most recent occurrences indicate that Zika won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. The Question of the Olympics Rio de Janeiro has been preparing to ...

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Doctor’s, Emergency Room or Urgent Care?

May 11, 2016

" In past years, people facing a medical emergency had two options for care: a doctor’s office, or an emergency room. The surge in urgent care center growth has now provided Americans with a middle ground option that is less intense than a hospital but more accessible than a doctor’s office. Choices are a wonderful thing to have, but this has left many patients unsure of the best destination after an accident or illness ...

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Travel Immunizations at a Medical Walk in Clinic

May 6, 2016

" World travelers, like backpackers and on-a-whim explorers, may forget to get the necessary immunizations and medicine for their trip around the world. They take off in such a hurry, forgetting that their spirits may be willing to stay as healthy as an ox, but their bodies are as foreign to many countries as a giraffe is to a freeway. You may be the strongest person around your town that never gets sick, but exposing yourself ...

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