How to Handle Tick Bites

April 21, 2016

" Ticks are incredibly sneaky and often cause damage that you can’t feel until it’s too late to stop. If you notice that you have a tick bite, follow these steps to minimize the damage and ensure that you’re not in any danger. Remove the Tick Before anything else, you need to properly remove the tick from your skin. This has to be done in a very specific way to be efficient. First ...

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Florida SHOTS: Keeping the Record Straight

April 14, 2016

" Florida SHOTS is the State Health Online Tracking System and a free, statewide online immunization registry. It helps healthcare providers, as well as schools, keep track of the children’s immunization records. The system grants registered system users’ access to confidential immunization information, using a secure electronic system. Access to the records of the patient from other providers, as you verify immunization status and have check on immunization schedules. Apart from uploading historical data and ...

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Safe Bug Spray for Summer Protection

April 11, 2016

" Summer time is right around the corner, and in many southern states the summer weather is here to stay for many months to come. With the hot weather, unfortunately, come the mosquitos and other nasty bugs. In this new age of the Zika virus, you can’t be too careful when it comes to bug protection. But if you want to remain mindful about what you are placing on your body and exposing your children ...

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