How to Protect Your Baby from Respiratory Illness

February 17, 2016

" Have you heard of RSV? It’s a common respiratory illness that impacts many young children, but it’s not yet a household name. In fact, 97 percent of children contract RSV, which stands for Respiratory Syncytial Virus, before turning two. Unfortunately, this common illness can also lead to hospitalization and does pose the small threat of death if not handled appropriately. Defining RSV Respiratory Syncytial Virus causes upper respiratory infections, like the common cold ...

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Four Things to Know About the Zika Virus

February 3, 2016

" Few people in the United States had even heard of Zika just a few short months ago, but it’s now exploded as a major health threat with cases in Florida, South Carolina, and Texas, just to name a few. So what exactly is the Zika virus, and why should you be concerned? Zika’s Background Zika is hardly a new virus, just new to large-scale public awareness. This mosquito-borne virus was first discovered in ...

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